Monthly Archives: April 2016

Join us for the 1st International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies. This meeting is the first ever joint symposium hosted by the Rhinoplasty Society (US) and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and promises to be the most extraordinary cross-specialty rhinoplasty educational symposium that our field has witnessed. Perhaps like us, you… Read More
The lay public has a "significantly better perception" of linear facial scars compared with zigzag scars, California-based plastic surgeons report. "Z-plasty scar revision was initially described as a technique to break up the linear scar into smaller, more camouflageable segments," they write in JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, online April 7.… Read More
Tom BIGGS and e-esthetica have had the pleasure to interview Ivo Pitanguy, a legend and icon of plastic surgery since more than 50 years. Ivo Pitanguy was born in 1926 in Minais Gerais, Brazil. The son of a general surgeon, Pitanguy followed in his father’s footsteps. He studied under J.J.… Read More