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Plastic surgeons the world over share a variety of common drives. First and foremost among them is that they are physicians and thus they have a drive as caregivers, as highly skilled surgical technicians, as artists who take a medium and mold it, change it, make new from the old. All this is done as caregivers whose pledge to themselves and the world …TO MAKE LIVES LONGER OR BETTER OR BOTH. In order to fill this role a long educational process is required… After passing through this long and arduous process the newly anointed and official “plastic surgeon” enters into practice. As the years go by each and every one of us finds that we’re doing more of some things and less of others, and occasionally we encounter one of those “less than others” cases requiring our delving into remembrances of past experiences in preparation for this unusual  (in our practice) case and we feel a bit skeptical. This skepticism is relieved by a search of our beloved archives….the journals. Sometimes, you should be lucky to get your answer by attending a meeting… but  as all know the internet has soared in worldwide communication, which has given birth to an explosion of educational opportunities. has been designed to answer your questions through The Plastic Surgery Videopedia, an educational video program available on the web to all legitimate plastic surgeons around the world, – e-Esthetica BLOG, e-Esthetica Channel, a forum, and many other services facilitating your practice. Day after day, our goal is to increase the quality of our content, expecting that you will join us and participate to this new challenge.

Our Valuable Team Members

Bertrand LACOTTE, MD
Founder and CEO E-esthetica

French board certified plastic surgeon, located in the Caribbean since 25 years, Dr Bertrand LACOTTE is a world known expert in breast surgery and body contouring. Members of different international plastic surgery societies, Dr LACOTTE is the author of more than 100 scientific papers and chapters in plastic surgery Dr LACOTTE has founded expecting that our colleagues will have a fast and more easy access to knowledge at home.

E-i-CThe Plastic Surgery Videopedia

Board-certified in plastic surgery, Dr Thomas BIGGS is an experienced and highly-recognized surgeon and a clinical professor of plastic surgery at Baylor College of Medecine, Houston-Texas Former editor-in-chief of APS, past-president of the ISAPS, Dr BIGGS’s passion has been education Dr BIGGS is the Editor-in-Chief of The Plastic Surgery Videopedia.



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