Join us for the 1st International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies. This meeting is the first ever joint symposium hosted by the Rhinoplasty Society (US) and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and promises to be the most extraordinary cross-specialty rhinoplasty educational symposium that our field has witnessed. Perhaps like us, you… Read More
As over 100 plastic surgeons came into Panama City for the 2nd edition of the Highlights of Plastic Surgery a gentle breeze blew in, and for the entirety of the congress we were blessed with blue skies and a clear, bright and warm tropical sunshine. The clear and bright exemplified… Read More
As over 400 plastic surgeons came into the city of Beijing for the 4th annual gathering of ISPRES  a gentle breeze blew in an pushed away the unpleasant smog that had lingered for too long over the city, and for the entirety of the congress we were blessed with blue… Read More
With a prospective analysis of 26 female patients who underwent autologous fat transfer to the midface via a closed-membrane filtration system, the authors demonstrate with a Vectra 3D and software that a significantly higher long-term retention rate is obtained in this group of patient compared to a classical centrifuge process.… Read More
In this article, the authors are reviewing 549 patients after breast augmentation. Only patients aged < or = to 25 years exhibited new striae and the risk was statistically significantly higher when they were nulliparous, and began their last menstrual period 14 days before surgery! And had a history of… Read More