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SUBJECT: Interview

VIDEO LENGTH: 12 minutes 27 seconds


Tom BIGGS and e-esthetica have had the pleasure to interview Ivo Pitanguy, a legend and icon of plastic surgery since more than 50 years.

Ivo Pitanguy was born in 1926 in Minais Gerais, Brazil. The son of a general surgeon, Pitanguy followed in his father’s footsteps. He studied under J.J. Longacre of Cincinnati; Marc Iselin of Paris; and Sir Archibald McIndoe and his cousin, Sir Harold Gillies, in the United Kingdom.

Upon his return to Brazil, Pitanguy set up the first hand surgery service in Latin America at the 19th Infirmary at the Santa Casa General Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He also became the head of the Department of Burns and Plastic Surgery at Souza Aguiar Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 1960, Pitanguy opened the 38th Infirmary Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery in Rio de Janeiro, where it continues to serve some of the country’s most disadvantaged citizens. The 38th Infirmary, in conjunction with the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy, are Centers of Excellence for the training of international plastic surgeons.

When you are going to do plastic surgery, you need to have a broad vision of the specialty. The challenge we face today is the services or departments of plastic surgery are becoming very subspecialized.

I believe a plastic surgeon needs a broad formation to have a deeper understanding of reconstructive surgery—like microsurgery, for example. The aesthetic concepts are applied to reconstructive cases, and the reconstructive concepts are applied to aesthetic cases.”

We hope that you will have a great pleasure to discover this interview with us.

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