Join us for the 1st International Meeting of Rhinoplasty Societies. This meeting is the first ever joint symposium hosted by the Rhinoplasty Society (US) and the Rhinoplasty Society of Europe and promises to be the most extraordinary cross-specialty rhinoplasty educational symposium that our field has witnessed.

Perhaps like us, you learned rhinoplasty with contemporary concepts, many of which have evolved or have become dated.  Rhinoplasty is challenging for many reasons, including the constant evolution that is ongoing in the field relative to both analysis and  technique.  There is a reason that the most experienced rhinoplasty surgeons readily admit that it is not until late in their careers that they really begin to feel that they truly understand the operation.  Rhinoplasty is inherently a perpetual education.  Every rhinoplasty surgeon – regardless of experience – can always find ways to be better, to understand his/her results more thoroughly,  and to be prepared to manage the challenges that can arise with one’s own results and the results of others.  Consolidated, rich, and focused educational experiences provide the greatest opportunity to promote thought and introspection.  The 2016 IMRhiS Congress proposes to provide exactly this experience.

The IMRhiS is an exceptional event – the first of its kind: it is a specialized conference, which will gather 50 of the world experts in rhinoplasty, selected by both American and European Rhinoplasty Societies.  The faculty and the structured content are designed to allow us to present the modern “Best of Rhinoplasty” with a format that emphasizes video and discussion.  It is a unique opportunity to undergo training at the highest level in a very short time.

A major emphasis in the format will be to provide debate among presenters utilizing video demonstration.  Two speakers with differing viewpoints will present short videos about a particular technical aspect, followed by a discussion with the other participants and the public.  This approach has been highly successful and popular among conference attendees, as it provides a very practical educational framework to different aspects of primary, secondary, ethnic, functional or “medical” rhinoplasty.  The program and this format will be attractive and appreciated by both the novice and expert in rhinoplasty.

Versailles is a magical place, full of history, and offering the advantage of a world-class Convention Centre located just opposite the magnificent Palace of Versailles. This is a unique opportunity to discover the many facets of this destination with a spectacular program of social events organized by the Congress : the magic of the great night waters of the the basins of the Castle, elegance and beauty of the Bartabas horse show at the equestrian academy of Versailles, the convivial dinners around the castle . 

The potential of this event has ignited enthusiasm among all of the faculty and planners. We are hopeful that you will share in our excitement, and that you will plan to join us for this memorable event.

Mark your calendars: the grandest spectacle of rhinoplasty education will take place in Versailles, 7-10 September 2016.

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About Bertrand LACOTTE

Dr. Bertrand Lacotte is a French board certified plastic surgeon based in the Caribbean since 1992. He was trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and microsurgery at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium. He was a pupil of Claude LASSUS and Madeleine LEJOUR. He is currently working in Centre Hospitalier Louise Constant Fleming in St Martin...


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