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We are the No. 1 vehicle for those who want to reach this prestigious universe of worldwide experts in plastic surgery.
Using the 360-degree approach to maximize your reach, / places your message in front of a highly engaged audience. Whether visiting the website, reading e-newsletters and the magazine, interacting with social media or using mobile devices on the go, / readers receive your powerful message across multiple platforms.

Audience Profile

Delivering an audience of committed consumers, will be the most successful and loyally website and read publication dedicated to Plastic Surgery. With articles, videos, and things that epitomize the Plastic Surgery, will offer its readers a complete source for the lifestyle they love so much. is visible on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and we have a huge listing to market of 17000 plastic surgeons in 114 countries all over the world.

How to advertise

As a marketing vehicle, offers its advertising partners a multitude of ways to reach this captive audience with measurable results. Website You can use to advertise with adds on the front page or the inner pages or with commercial video program included in e-esthetica MAG and e-esthetica video channel.

Email Marketing Email marketing allows you to engage with an audience who’s asked to receive information from both E-esthetica and our marketing partners. We offer several different opportunities, from sponsorship advertising in our editorial eNewsletters to Custom Emails devoted entirely to your brand.

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Digital Specifications

Standard guidelines
These guidelines are consistent with the Interactive Advertising Bureau specifications (
Double click is used to serve all NAO SARL Advertisements
There is a 24-hour turnaround time once all creative are submitted to Online Advertising Operations
All ad units must launch a new browser window when clicked on
Static ads types accepted are in .jpg, .gif
Max initial load file size should not exceed 300k
Mouse over / Mouse off
Ad should expand upon mouse over or click on expand button
Ad should retract upon mouse off or clicking a close button
If the ad expands with user click, the panel still must retract when mouse is removed
Any sound should be user initiated by click, not mouse
Flash ad units
Flash files served via DoubleClick must be coded properly for proper click and impression tracking
All Flash files must be submitted as a .SWF file with accompanying back up gif/jpg for display to users who do not accept Flash
A click through URL must be supplied
We accept Flash version 6-10
Ad unit – Dimensions file – Size – File type
Logo Sponsor  193 x 147 Pixels, 72 dpi, 300 kb max gif, jpg
Logo Partner  197 x 150 Pixels, 72 dpi, 300 kb max gif, jpg
Horizontal Banner 1 730 x 92 Pixels, 72 dpi, 300 kb max gif, jpg

Horizontal Banner 2  683 x 86 Pixels, 72 dpi, 40 kb max gif, jpg
Ad Right Column  198 x 195 Pixels, 72 dpi, 40 kb max gif, jpg

Horizontal Banner  873×127 Pixels, 72 dpi, 300 kb max gif, jpg

Horizontal Banner  817×167 Pixels, 72 dpi, 300 kb max gif,jpg