Polytech Diagon Gel® 4Two

The Diagon\Gel® 4Two implants have either a round or an oval base with an anatomical profile (anatomical means with the apex of the dome in the lower third of the implant). The available implant types are named according to their design: AR = anatomical-round, and AO = anatomical-oval. The implants are available in two surfaces, either POLYtxt® or Microthane®, and in two projections.

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The Diagon\Gel® 4Two implants are filled with two gels: the softer gel at the rear ensures a perfect fit of the implant to the rib cage, and the firmer gel at the front provides for a push-up style tissue support.

Due to the spherical nature of the projection, the implant accommodates for optimal nipple positioning without pointing. The near 90-degree angle at the tapered edges of the implant does not allow dead space, thus reducing the occurrence of seroma, implant rotation and dislocation.