As over 100 plastic surgeons came into Panama City for the 2nd edition of the Highlights of Plastic Surgery a gentle breeze blew in, and for the entirety of the congress we were blessed with blue skies and a clear, bright and warm tropical sunshine. The clear and bright exemplified the quality of the scientific program and the warmth of the sunshine was reflected in the hospitality of our hosts, Dr Luis PICARD-AMI and Dr Luis CRESPO, both physicians and local citizens.

As with all gatherings of this nature long term planning is essential for success. Tribute for the success goes out to the international faculty members Dr. Jack FISHER, Dr. Michael SCHEFLAN, Dr Marcos SFORZA, Dr Juan Carlos FUENTES and Dr. Bertrand LACOTTE.

Congratulations for the excellent scientific program go out to C0-Chairmen Dr. Luis PICARD-AMI and DR. Luis CRESPO.

The above were the leaders of the committees that put it all together, but they were assisted by numbers of other dedicated members, and all were supported by a cast of many local workers who saw to it that each hour of each minute and each attendee were properly and pleasantly directed.

The scientific program can be divided this year into two approaches: the face and the breast.

Facial rejuvenation with or without knife, dermal fillers or fat transfer were the main subjects developed for 2 days.

Basic science of fat and fat grafting and the techniques of utilizing the science of fat for tissue regeneration was discussed by the invited guests. In the former, different approaches to the acquisition of the fat were presented and the consensus was that there was a gentleman’s agreement that a variety of techniques were successful. That same agreement was the culmination of a variety of successful operative techniques of tissue regeneration utilizing fat as the primary ingredient. What was agreed upon unanimously was that tissue regeneration was an item of truth with a future in not only plastic surgery but in all of surgery, especially in cases where scar tissue is a problem. It was further agreed that there’s room and a need for further basic studies.

The last day of the meeting introduce the breast surgery with various presentations on breast augmentation, breast reduction with the vertical technique in large case, breast reconstruction and management of breast asymmetry. Once more, benefits of fat transfer were one of the topic discussed during this day.

An interesting presentation by Dr Marcos SFORZA explained what is exactly the concept of cohesivity and the elasticity of the gel in breast implant… New round based implant produced by MOTIVA seems to be very interesting for the future producing a very natural result on patient stand up or in horizontal position… The past should be the future….Is it the beginning of a new war between 2 concepts, Using the round shape implants? Or using the anatomical one? As usual in plastic surgery, time will be an important factor to decide where the truth is…

Social events included a well-attended Faculty Dinner in Casco Viejo, the old part of Panama City at the entrance of the famous canal joining the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, and a dancing party in the Hilton hotel on the last day.

As the sun shone brightly in March in the magnificent capital city of Panama, faculty and attendees from around the world gathered together as brothers in a family united by the goal of advancing the science. This meeting brought together a family unITed in learning more about how to make patients’ lives better.

Everybody is expecting the third edition in March 2017 of this friendly, prestigious and interactive meeting organized by the two Panamanian Plastic Surgeons you need to know, our friends Luis PICARD-AMI and Luis CRESPO.

About Bertrand LACOTTE

Dr. Bertrand Lacotte is a French board certified plastic surgeon based in the Caribbean since 1992. He was trained in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and microsurgery at the Free University of Brussels in Belgium. He was a pupil of Claude LASSUS and Madeleine LEJOUR. He is currently working in Centre Hospitalier Louise Constant Fleming in St Martin...


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